Sheds at 1 Fox Street | Newtown

Last night a bunch of us went to the opening of The Sheds at 1 Fox Street in Newtown. I love seeing the urban renewal that is happening in JHB CBD and how the area is transforming before our eyes. The Sheds  has now been transformed into a large open area filled with food stalls and tables – read about its history here. As you walk into the property there is a beautiful herb and veggie garden (it made me really jealous due to the size of it) It will be amazing when the plants have grown and one can pick things out of it.

The Shed is slightly different from most markets in Johannesburg in that it will be open for 4 days a week, Thursday – Sunday, opposed to one day on the weekend. This allows the food stalls to have a more permanent “pop up” shop. This means you do not have to wait for the weekend to go enjoy a Balkan Burger, you can have one during the week.

The interior is very rustic and basic and I LOVED it! The exposed walls and corrugated iron walls and ceilings makes the whole area look very industrial – the perfect decor for a down town market. The stalls included Balkan Burger, Taco Dave, Happy Me, Soul Souvlaki and more. They had Asian, Indian, American, Italian and Mexican Food. I had a bubble tea, which I love, from Happy Me (rooibos base, lychee flavour and mango pearls) – for those of you who do not know bubble tea it is a cold drink that is fruit flavoured and the pearls are fruit puree that when you bite into them they explode and release an intense fruity flavour that is different from the juice flavour – it is amazing!

For dinner I went to the wonderful Indian family selling a variety of samoosa’s and curries and ordered myself a butter chicken curry – I was not disappointed it was really tasty. I knew it would be as when an Indian makes curry you can taste that the recipe has been handed down over the generations and has a lot of love and care cooked into it. Ross ordered the smoked brisket which came with pickles and coleslaw and bread. We all sat around big wooden tables and drank craft ginger beer and ate homemade food while listening to a live band.

When we arrived it was very quiet but it picked up during the evening and at the end of the night when we left all the tables were full, not bad for an opening night. I think when we go back in a month the market will be packed and very vibey! I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to spending a lot of time there 🙂

Sheds at 1 Fox-2 Sheds at 1 Fox-3 Sheds at 1 Fox-5 Sheds at 1 Fox-6 Sheds at 1 Fox-9 Sheds at 1 Fox-10 Sheds at 1 Fox-12 Sheds at 1 Fox-14 Sheds at 1 Fox-15 Sheds at 1 Fox-18 Sheds at 1 Fox-19 Sheds at 1 Fox-21 Sheds at 1 Fox-23 Sheds at 1 Fox-24 Sheds at 1 Fox-25 Sheds at 1 Fox-31 Sheds at 1 Fox-33 Sheds at 1 Fox-34 Sheds at 1 Fox-35 Sheds at 1 Fox-37 Sheds at 1 Fox-38 Sheds at 1 Fox-39 Sheds at 1 Fox-40 Sheds at 1 Fox-42 Sheds at 1 Fox-44 Sheds at 1 Fox-45 Sheds at 1 Fox-46 Sheds at 1 Fox-47 Sheds at 1 Fox-48 Sheds at 1 Fox-50 Sheds at 1 Fox-51 Sheds at 1 Fox-55 Sheds at 1 Fox-57 Sheds at 1 Fox-58 Sheds at 1 Fox-60 Sheds at 1 Fox-61 Sheds at 1 Fox-62 Sheds at 1 Fox-63 Sheds at 1 Fox-65


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