Jozi wins Bronze

Yesterday Jozi and I participated in our first canine competition. We attend training every Wednesday morning and our trainer wanted us to compete with seven other dogs in the Canine Good Citizen Test. This test is a type of obedience test – ultimately they are checking the handler can control their dog. This part scared me (I have been away for two weeks and thus Jozi has had no training but Margie our trainer was convinced she would be ok). We arrived at the park yesterday morning a bit early to let Jozi have a walk about and try get all the sniffing out of the way.

Jozi looks as nervous as I felt.

photo 1

The competition consisted of allowing the examiner to examine your dog (like a vet) which Jozi did NOT do very well. She insists in putting your hand in her mouth when you come close to her (not painful  or anything) but this was a big NO NO. We got a second chance and thanks to Margie and Yvonne (we had a little training session on the side and redid the exercise), Jozi managed to keep it together and not bite the examiner. We then had to walk through the path of beacons and through the gate and we then met a stranger and their dog. In order for Jozi to pass she was not allowed to jump or get aggressive etc. This was the part I was most nervous about as she can get quite besides herself with excitement when she meets a new friend but she was a champ.

The other elements that were examined were if she allows me to take her lead off and put it on in a calm manner, does she stay and wait for me while I walk around, does she stay with me when we walk through a line of dogs and can I groom her in a calm manner.

photo 2

She was such a champ – we passed and got our bronze certificate and a very cute little rosette for Jozi. Yes she is my child and of course she is the “best” but for an 8 month old puppy she is doing so well!

Thanks to a fellow competitor Sue for the photos of us getting our award!

DSC01088[3] Jozi Jozi-2


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