Western Cape Wheat and Canola fields

Swellendam was a place that I was so excited to go and explore – I heard so many things about it and how gorgeous it was. Unfortunately I will have to go back and do it again – I woke up on Monday morning with severe nausea (I either had a 24 hour stomach bug or the mussels weren’t as good as I thought they were the night before) Ross wasn’t feeling too hot either šŸ˜¦

None the less we left Plett and headed for Swellendam – the country side is just beautiful in that area. As you leave Plett you encounter the Knysna forests and pine forests which transported me back to Scotland and the UK – especially in the misty cloudy weather which we experienced as we left. In Knysna you drive right next to a large lake and it so reminded me of out Scottish holiday in December specifically an area called Glen Coe.

As we passed Riversdale the landscape changed and there were these beautiful rolling green hills – I wasn’t sure what the farmers were growing until I saw the fields adjacent to the road. They were growing wheat! I had heard that September was wheat harvesting season but had not planned our road trip around it at all so it was a great co-incidence. It was incredible to see all the farms in the area growing wheat and how the fields were different colours depending on the size and maturity of the crop. I asked Ross to pull over and when he did we were lucky to pull into a farms driveway which happened to have an open gate – we (unlawfully) walked into the farm and took a few photos in the green wheat fields. You look at these crops and realise the work it takes to get that plant into a bag of flour that you buy from pick n pay.

Swellendam-2 Swellendam-3 Swellendam-4 Swellendam-13 Swellendam-17

When we drove into Swellendam I really was not well and spent the rest of the day in bed šŸ˜¦ luckily the place we stayed at was luxurious and comfortable – perfect place to spend time in bed. Ross took a walk up to the dam in the Nature reserved – it looked amazing (too bad I couldn’t join him).Swellendam-20 Swellendam-29 Swellendam-33 Swellendam-34 Swellendam-35 Swellendam-40 Swellendam-42 Swellendam-46 Swellendam-48 Swellendam-49 Swellendam-50 Swellendam-52 Swellendam-55 Swellendam-56 Swellendam-58 Swellendam-63 Swellendam-64

Ross received his final clue of the road trip for the next day. Invisible ink letter showing him that we were going to a place where the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean meet …

Cape Agulhas.

Swellendam-66 Swellendam-69 Swellendam-70 Swellendam-74


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