Forest Walk in Knysna

This morning we woke up to overcast weather and the temperature was a bit low – the perfect weather conditions for Ross’s next clue. Beautiful biscuits made from Amber from Diamond Delilah. She is amazingly talented baker – look at the gorgeous biscuits she made. The biscuits were all about Hiking in the Knysna Forest (maybe we would see a wild elephant ;-))

Plett 2-9Plett 2-11Plett 2-14

We chose the Circles in the forest walk or Kringe in the Bos. You could either do a 3km walk or a 9km walk (we decided to see how we felt on the trail). When we arrived at the 800 year old Yellowwood tree starting point there was a memorial for Dalene Matthee erected. I suddenly realised why Kringe in the Bos sounded so familiar  – Dalene Matthee was the author of the book Kringe in the Bos and Fiela se Kind. Fiela se kind was one of our setworks for Afrikaans Literature. We set off down the path with Bert and Camera in tow.

Plett 2-15Plett 2-17Plett 2-20Plett 2-21Plett 2-23Plett 2-30

The forest is beautiful in its chaotic nature and how everything grows over and under each other perfectly. It was pretty chilly – the sun does not reach through the canopy. The floor is covered with this beautiful moss that is soft and lucious – Bert loved it.

Plett 2-33Plett 2-37Plett 2-38Plett 2-40Plett 2-43Plett 2-44Plett 2-48Plett 2-49Plett 2-54

Bert encountered a Shongololo and tried to take it on in a fight but he was out smartered.Plett 2-58Plett 2-64Plett 2-65

The forest was truly beautiful – we only decided to do the 3km walk as with us taking so many photographs and Bert kept getting side tracked we were taking a long time to walk 3km. I used the app map my walk to track our walk and when we finished it said we had walked 4,5km – I was obviously running back and forward taking photos, but how could you not in such a beautiful place.

Plett 2-72Plett 2-75Plett 2-81Plett 2-82Plett 2-87

We spent this afternoon on Look out Beach and walking around the lagoon. The beach was lovely and quiet with no wind. When we started walking around the lagoon I noticed a lot of shells in the water BUT these shells were moving – they were ALL Hermit crabs. It was unbelievable – there were tiny ones and enormous ones. I have never seen that many hermit crabs in one area. When I look at them too long they scare me a bit as they look like spiders.

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (2)

The view of Lookout Beach from the look out point.

photo 5Plett 2-90

We finished our evening at The Lookout having a drink and some scrumptious Thai Mussels. Not only did we eat and drink yummy food we had a few schools of dolphins swim past – some even surfed a wave or too – it was AMAZING!!Plett 2-91

While we were there the owner of the hotel and some guests rescued a little penguin who had swam off course and was so exhausted. Poor little guy – he was later picked up by the bird rescue volunteers and taken away to be looked after.Plett 2-96

Barry and Nige were harassing us again – trying to share our meal with us. Plett 2-99Plett 2-101Plett 2-102Plett 2-104


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