This morning we left Kenton to keep on driving down the coast towards Plett. We stopped in at Jeffreys bay for a coffee and to see the BIG waves (I was pretty disappointed at how “normal” the waves looked ;-)) The drive was beautiful – it was overcast and grey which made all the colours of the fynbos POP. The road was lined with all types of yellow flowers – hanging yellow (Wysteria looking), small daisy looking and a fynbos type one. It was gorgeous. At Jeffreys Bay Ross got his next clue – a poem written by our special friend Kirsty and Temporary Tattoos from Elephantshoe saying “OKAY LETS DO THIS”

Ross’s friends chipped in for his present – A Bungee jump at the HIGHEST bungee jump in the world!!! I walked onto the bridge with the “jumpers” – I was not allowed my camera but we got the photos from the Bungee company. Ross was SO excited to do this bungee – adrenaline rush is his thing!!! It was pretty nerve wracking watching my husband voluntarily leap off a 216m bridge attached only by an elastic band. Eeeeek. He loved it though!!! When he got back on the bridge his eyes were sparkling and he was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-170Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-173Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-174Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-175Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-180Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-184Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-186Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-187Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-188Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-189Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-190Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-194Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-195Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-197Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-199Bungee Bungee-2 Bungee-3 Bungee-4 Bungee-5 Bungee-6 Bungee-7 Bungee-8 Bungee-9 Bungee-11 Bungee-12


We are staying in Plett for the next couple of days (a first for both of us) so as soon as we arrived we went for a stroll on the beach – to be honest I have no idea which beach it was but it was lovely sitting together listening to the waves break with the sun warming our back. We had an early dinner at Moby Dicks – a seafood bar/restaurant right on the beach. Perfect end to the day – Ross is currently passed out due to to his adrenaline crash!

Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-203 Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-206 Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-207 Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-208 Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-212 Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-214 Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-217 Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-220 Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-222

Since we have been at the coast there have always been two seagulls at every beach we have gone to – I have named them Barry and Nige! In my head these two birds have followed us and kept us company. Here they are again below πŸ˜‰

Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-225 Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-232 Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-234 Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-236 Road Trip - Kenton2 Plett 1-237


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