Grahamstown – Pineapple – Kenton

This morning Ross had ants in his pants trying to find out where we were going on the next leg of our trip, so he got another clue 🙂 – A scratch card!!! While eating breakfast on the verander looking over the forest Ross scratched out our next location – Grahamstown.

Road Trip - Kenton1_

Road Trip - Kenton1_-3 Road Trip - Kenton1_-5 Road Trip - Kenton1_-6 Road Trip - Kenton1_-7

I have never been to this student town but all I see and hear on Facebook are very happy students studying there so it had to be a stop on our way. We said goodbye to our little studio flat and the wonderful people at the hotel and climbed into the car and followed the N2 to Grahamstown.

Road Trip - Kenton1_-17

It is quite interesting driving what in theory is the second most important road in South Africa (behind the N1) and how it is less impressive than say the N4 to Nelspruit or the country roads like the R37 etc. At times the road had a shoulder but at others there was no shoulder – only a tiny gap between you and the gutter and then the cliff face. I was glad Ross was driving and not me. On our way we say signs (and the town) of Peddie  – my Great Grandmother was born there in 1907 and after she was born she travelled via ox-wagon everywhere. It is very strange to think that the lady I knew for 16 years experienced so many different things – War, Men landing on the moon, TV, Cellphones and Internet and it all started in Peddie.

Road Trip - Kenton1_-32 Road Trip - Kenton1_-34 Road Trip - Kenton1_-35 Road Trip - Kenton1_-37

The COOLEST road sign I have ever seen

Road Trip - Kenton1_-40 Road Trip - Kenton1_-42 Road Trip - Kenton1_-43

We had lunch at a lovely restaurant called Haricots in Grahamstown – while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air Ross got hos next clue. This clue was to solve a Rubics Cube. Ross loves these toys and is unbelievably fast at solving them – I was hoping I could sit back and finish my coffee while he struggled through it. I was not even half way through my cuppa and there he had it solved it.

After lunch we drove around Grahamstown admiring the old buildings and noticing the vast number of churchs – apparently there are 52 churches! That means you could go to a new church every Sunday for the whole year. We tried to go find my sister in laws digs but Ross could not remember what it looked like, we did come across what he thought was it but it said House of the Jesus Christ Church – so we weren’t too sure.

Road Trip - Kenton1_-44 Road Trip - Kenton1_-47 Road Trip - Kenton1_-49 Road Trip - Kenton1_-50 Road Trip - Kenton1_-53

After Ross had solved his Rubics Cube he told me that he wanted to see the giant pineapple. I was super excited that we were close enough to go see it – in my research I had not come across this in the things to do! On the road from Grahamstown to Port Alfred we stopped in at the Giant Pineapple just outside of Bathurst. The pineapple is on a pineapple farm and is 17m high!!!

This pineapple stands out like a sore thumb on the horizon but it is quite quaint going to visit it. It has three stories and you pay R10 for a self guided tour which includes the history of the giant pineapple, the canning of pineapples, how to plant a pineapple (which is so easy I plan on planting some in my garden when I get home) and the nutritional benefits of a pineapple which include…

– Contains Vitamin C, Folic Acid, beta Carotene, Magnesium, Phosphorous and Potassium

– Pineapples contain serotonin – a mood enhancer, antidepressant and appetite suppressant

– Pineapple is a diuretic which means it helps prevent water retention and benefits people suffering from Bladder infections

We went to see the pineapple shrubs/bushes growing and lo and behold there are baby pineapples. They are perfect little pineapples right from the beginning, all that happens are these babies get bigger (see the comparison of the one Ross is holding which we bought from the store and the baby one on the bush)

Road Trip - Kenton1_-57 Road Trip - Kenton1_-59 Road Trip - Kenton1_-61 Road Trip - Kenton1_-62

Bert got involved too…

Road Trip - Kenton1_-66 Road Trip - Kenton1_-67

photoRoad Trip - Kenton1_-69 Road Trip - Kenton1_-73 Road Trip - Kenton1_-78 Road Trip - Kenton1_-80

We are staying at a lovely little Self Catering cottage in Kenton called Burkes Nest. It was a beautiful sunny (pretty windy and nippy) afternoon when we arrived in Kenton so we made sure as soon as we arrived we went to walk on the beach. I look forward to exploring this area more tomorrow.Road Trip - Kenton1_-86


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